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Film Projects

THE LAST METIS: A historical journey of cultural identity.
1. Introduction 
2. Journey begins 
3. Whats the best radio for canoe trip? A first draft to treatment.  
4. Back to Batoche; Time for a history lesson  
5. Pre-Canadian Culture Club 
6. A land worth fighting for! 
7. Becoming a Metis Gang Banger 

JOURNEY TO MECCA: While ice climbing in Canada may have started in the Rockies it is now being practiced from the west coast to the east coast. Join us as a RV leaves Banff and heads east with a bunch of the old warriors who lived through the era of the straight shaft tool. Enroute we are joined up with climbers from Ontario and Quebec and descent upon the new Mecca, Newfoundland. Perhaps the greatest ice climbing location on the planet.

TV PILOT: OUTDOOR PRO'S:A look at what proffesional peoples do for a day to day job. We follow ski patrol, mountain guides, fire specialists. That is just to name a few. Find out what is great and what is not so great.