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We are at the treatments final draft stages. The research involved has fundamentally changed the way I look at Canadian society and it's political structure. This film examines everything from the underestimated importance of the fur trade to the displaced mixed bloods lost in the urban wilderness. 
Explore with us the cultural heritage of two young Metis children as the revisit their ancestral past via the lower fur trade route from Banff, AB to Winnipeg, MB. This journey of cultural discovery brings to life the incredible beauty of the Canadian prairies. Learn about the most powerful empire's of it's era the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) and the little pug nosed rodent that opened up an entire continent. The creation of a new race of man and their contribution to what is now Canada.

Follow along from Winnipeg to Montreal as two modern Metis continue the journey from Winnipeg to Montreal. The first Metis from two different generations to repeat this route in 150 years. Bring with them modern technology as they introduce tractor kites to compliment their sail and paddle power source. With them we have a chance to visit the the past and examine the future of Metis culture through while they take on the challenges of their forefathers in one of the most forbidding enviroments left on the planet earth.


There is this little island that drive by every time I go into or return from Calgary or anyplace west of Canmore for that matter. It has had a Canadian flag on it for the last 3 or 4 years. I always thought it would be a cool place to place a Metis flag. It is next to the transcanada hi way and at the gates of Banff national park. Hundreds of thousands of people drive by this place every year. The flag may create awareness of the Metis culture for a few who see the flag and wonder what it is or who does it represent. If it directs a hundred people to read the Metis Wikipage that has to be a good thing, right? 

It has also occurred to me that it may create some controversy which also has to be a good thing. So we will see over the next little while is anything comes of this act. For my part this is all I want for my share of the land claims. This little island. That’s just for me not everybody else. So for all the broken promises made to my family down to my parents give me this island and we will call it even. Really is that so much one tiny chunk of rock by the hi way. There isn’t any buildings on it or anything. Come on Canada give me Metis Island and we will call it even.

The Last Metis; Video Podcast; Season 1; Episode 1 from The Last Metis on Vimeo.

JOURNEY TO MECCA: While ice climbing in Canada may have started in the Rockies it is now being practiced from the west coast to the east coast. Join us as a RV leaves Banff and heads east with a bunch of the old warriors who lived through the era of the straight shaft tool. Enroot we are joined up with climbers from Ontario and Quebec and descent upon the new Mecca, Newfoundland. Perhaps the greatest ice climbing location on the planet.

TV PILOT: OUTDOOR PRO'S:A look at what professional peoples do for a day to day job. We follow ski patrol, mountain guides, fire specialists. That is just to name a few. Find out what is great and what is not so great.


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