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The Last Metis


Aven McKayThe Last Metis is an ambitious 90-minute documentary film targeted for general distribution taking a fresh look at the families and personal stories behind the the historical fur trade and the Metis movement. It also examines the evolving culture of the modern urban native. Urbanization has accelerated the evolution of the Metis culture and the Metis youth caught up in a progressive modern society. Man y are removed from their traditional land base and cultural community. Despite this they continue to self identify with their ancestral past and continue to self identify as Metis. This film traces one fathers struggle to maintain a strong Metis identity attempting to preserve their rich aboriginal culture for generations to come.

The film is and adventure of the physical kind as our main protagonists embark on a 3,600 KM journey from their home town of Banff, Alberta following the lower Canadian fur trade route to the great lakes and continuing on the voyager waterways to Montreal, Quebec. 

 It is also a  journey of rediscovery and reconnection. Viewed through the eyes of two small children as they travel the land much the same as their ancestors had for six generations. Every bend in the river, very Hudson Bay Post, very sunset from Last Mountain Lake to the Plains of Abraham fleshes out the story of their aboriginal past.

More then anything this film is a road map for lost generations of Metis youth floating alone in the urban wilderness. Detailed and interwoven throughout the journey is the process of recognition as the children become members of the Alberta Metis association. This blueprint of the submission process is also interlaced with interviews from scholars and politicians explaining the present day position of the Metis people and how they came to be that way.

What underlies this entire story is a fathers attempt to imprint upon his children their rich contribution to the Canadian west. An attempt to not be “ The Last Metis” in his families bloodline.