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We are a small independent video shoot and production facility. While primarily a one man show we draw upon a pool of talented Audio Visual technicians in the Bow Valley. We have contracted to pretty much every Audio Visual company residing in the area. These include Banff Centre for the Performing Arts, Sharps Audio Visual, PSAV to name a few. We offer the best prices and a full range of HD recording services. Not sure what you need just give us a call. Weddings to conferences we will be happy to help. Consultation for your small boardroom event is free. Don't be overwhelmed with A/V salesmen up selling you. Talk to us first or last.

New* $600 corporate video- Includes 2 hrs recording, 2 hours editing and 6 on-screen titles. Copyright free music - Same Day service

New! $250 Estate Special- One hour shooting, 2 hrs editing, 3 onscreen titles - Same Day Service

Lets keep it simple, if your in the area call me at 403-431-1821, lets just chat about your presentation needs.

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 Follow the blog for a historical journey to cultural identity. As a 7 yr old boy (Tyler James Mckay ) and 9 yr old girl ( Aven Christine McKay) canoe the lower fur trade route from Banff, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec with their father. A journey that chronologically goes backward in time visiting 300 years of history and the blood, sweat and tears that contributed to the formation of this country.

1.  Introduction 
2.  Journey begins 
3.  Whats the best radio for canoe trip? A first draft to treatment.  
4.  Back to Batoche; Time for a history lesson  
5.  Pre-Canadian Culture Club 
6.  A land worth fighting for! 
7.  Becoming a Metis Gang Banger  
8.  Letter to my Brothers; like the real ones not like in a Indian way   
9.  Climbing with Fat Boy Slim  
10. Money for nothing and my chicks for free- Aboriginal Peoples Television Network  
11. Making the Trailer for the Pitch is a Bitch 
12. What is something every foreigner should know about your country? Why? 
13. Hear about the new red wine? It's called "We want our land back" 

Willam Henry McKay Great Great Grandfather to Tyler James McKay

JOURNEY TO MECCA: While ice climbing in Canada may have started in the Rockies it is now being practiced from the west coast to the east coast. Join us as a RV leaves Banff and heads east with a bunch of the old warriors who lived through the era of the straight shaft tool. Enroot we are joined up with climbers from Ontario and Quebec and descent upon the new Mecca, Newfoundland. Perhaps the greatest ice climbing location on the planet.

TV PILOT: OUTDOOR PRO'S:A look at what professional peoples do for a day to day job. We follow ski patrol, mountain guides, fire specialists. That is just to name a few. Find out what is great and what is not so great.