Film " The New Breed" - Banff to Montreal Canoe Journey

I wold like to thank all those who have donated to the "New Breed" (NB) film project or the climbing tools series. All donations go towards increasing productions values. The film realistically will run a whopping $350,000.00 CND. Your involvement means more to me then words can say. I don't take your trust lightly and promise to produce something that you will be proud to have been a part of. A donation of $50 or more gets you a copy of the film. 



18 days to go

It is the 13th of April meaning in a little over two weeks I will be hitting the river so to speak. My hybrid canoe/kayak sits in the back yard getting the finishing touches taken care of. I pretty much have the sail kit taken care of. Placing and glueing a few d rings to attach things to. mounts to hold GPS and cell phone. Coffee cup holder location yet to be determined as that is a serious piece of rigging. 

Clipper Sea 1 Wilderness Canoe. Sail kit attached with sail down.On one note I am kind of sad to be going. I have a couple young units (children just don’t call them that till we bond) . Spent the last couple days just hanging with them as they are easter break. There are times in the last couple days when they had me wanting to throw myself head first out the second floor balcony. Then 2 minutes later we are wrestling, laughing and playing. Fortunately I will miss them a lot more then they will miss me. Once I am out of site I am out of mind. The same is not true for me. 

Of course there is my wife who I am leaving saddled with these two young hooligans. Fortunately we have a friend who stayed with us last fall coming to help out on a daily basis. Along with a few other guests. So no one is over burdened with child care. This trip would not be possible without her love and support. 

While I dreamt this trip up over a decade ago at the time it was little more then preplanned mid life crisis. Since that time it has morphed into much more. I now see it as an opportunity to repay the Dumont Institute for the education that they provided when I needed it the most. Something that allowed me to break free of my programming and see the matrix for what it really is. 

I have never come anywhere close to filming and editing a feature documentary but that isn’t going to stop me from trying. The coincidence that my chosen route is the exact stretch of waters my grandfather John McKay took over 200 years ago to enter the fur trade was the icing on cake that made this too great of an opportunity to pass up. 

It’s going to be strange to be on my own for such an extended period of time. Not since my 20’s when I was a dirtbag climber living in my van have I had the opportunity to be lost in my own thoughts with only my miserable self for company. However, it may well be the last time in my life that I have the opportunity to contemplate my existence uninterrupted. Not many people get this opportunity, so I will take advantage of it and not squander away my time. 

As far as adventures go this exceeds my guiding/climbing the monster peaks in Peru by quite a bit. While those were challenging they were never over such an extended period of time. Also climbing is or at least was my thing. Paddling however is rather new. Canoe sailing is even newer. I am just hoping that working my entire adult life in the service of others as a risk analysis expert will allow me to make proper judgement suitable for the hazard I am facing at the time. I have allowed plenty of time for this journey so I am not under any pressure to be at such and such a place by such and such a time. That’s a lot of such’s but that may be what it takes to get through this thing in one piece. 

Anyhow these are the thoughts that are going through my head at 3am as I prepare to take my kids on a seven hour car ride to Skaha for a few days of early season rock climbing. Have to get back to launching my new web site with an interactive map that will log my progress for those few people who wish to follow along. 



So I am at the point of testing website maps


Working out a way to share my location.


Feet in the starting blocks

So i have been working on the films treatment. A treatment is like the paper form of your pitch. It gives any potential investor an idea of what your film will look like or how it will play out. Course wrote way to much I realized I had basically written a script, voice over narration and all. I proofed it in a cool program called Grammery which somehow reads the text and makes corrections and suggestions. It's a pretty complex algorithm cause it actually reads whole sentences and lets you know if it is fragmented, passive or you tend to over use a word it will suggest an alternative. 

The other thing I have been working on is my crowd sourceing funding page. This has been going pretty good with the only real problem being getting the trailer finished. That has been a bit of a hold up. What to really include and how much to leave out. I need to keep it down to a few minutes I think. I was pretty wordy. 

Also taken me awhile to set up a decent green screen set up. I finally got a flawless key and a look that I like. No it is a matter of keeping things in point form and just get the message out there. my idea of how to present the film has been changing so that really doesn't help. I think I have settled on a story and how to present it. 

All this seems to be happening to fast. I have less then six months before I am leaving. That is like, so nothing in the overall scale of the universe. I still haven't heard from MEC which could be good or bad. maybe they don't get back to you if they passed you by. I have sort of been counting on them. Guess it is time to try a few more places for funding. APTN might be a good one.


Aven McKay at "Back to Batoche"So it is November 1st. that means that it is exactly 6 month till I start my trip. I have said this before that planning this stuff is easy actually doing it is another thing. I have been dealing with a bit of a route finding issue. That is crossing the height of land getting into Lake Superior drainage. As I may have mentioned we are crossing over the old North West companies route into the Dog River. This certainly isn't the normal route which is the Grand Portage route into the US . I chose this route from the historical perspective and it fits within the film as part of the Canadian voyageur route. So have acquired all the 1/50,000 topos for Ontario and slowly learning the software program to program a new Garmin GPS. I can also print out the map sheets I need for critical junctions. This will certainly be the crux of the route finding challenge. The rest of the routes are pretty straight forward in comparison.

         I haven't heard from the Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) about my expedition grant application yet. Should hear in the next couple weeks. I think I have a pretty good chance of getting it which would be $3000 cash and about $3000 in gear from the MEC shelves. Getting a carbon fiber kayak paddle would be awesome as those things cost about $600. One of those fancy GPS watches that monitor my bio-metrics would be a nice touch but it is one the wish list mostly. Getting a light 2 person 3 season tent is defiantly on the list. We have all kinds of tents here at home but most are 4 season 4 person tents.

       Also as time draws near it is time to release a find raising website. I am going with Indigo.  I am not comfortable pimping myself out as most people know but for the sake of the film I am willing to do so.

       Script writing has been going well. I have been getting up at 2am for the last week and writing till 6am. It is the only time that I can really have time to myself. Once the day starts I am tugged in half a dozen different directions. I will be writing on this blog a lot more as information comes in. Excited to get my boat which should show up in the next few weeks. Checjk out the Sea 1 canoe by clipper if you get the chance. It is nothing short of awesome.