Daughter visits mom at work.

My daughter finished her gymnastics class but was bummed that I wouldn't be home. Since we were pulling a broken ankle off a nearby mountain they decide to stop in for a visit. This is the first time she saw what I did when I leave for work.


Lisa Paulson

To give you some information on my background, I grew up skiing at Louise and then got my first job in the snow industry at Louise where I met my first mentors, training to become ACMG Guides and doing avalanche control for Lake Louise Ski Area as Park Wardens.  I went to University to obtain a Bachleor of Science in Renewable Resource Management to become a Park Warden.  I continued to be drawn to snow science, ski guiding and avalanche forecasting and control.  I have had a wonderful 25 year career working for Parks Canada as an Avalanche Forecaster and Rescue Specialist spending time in Glacier, Jasper, Waterton, Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and several of our Northern National Parks.  I am an ACMG Mountain Guide spending time off from Parks, teaching avalanche courses to both professional and recreational students or doing some private ski guiding or mechanized ski guiding.

I now have 2 kids in the Lake Louise Ski Club and it’s my passion to bring the path of avalanche education to complement their ski skill development.  I have many stories to share from rescues just outside our ski area boundaries to help drive some points home and to bring some balance to the rad ski movies we all watch!


Parks Canada

Training in the 50's

There was a time when everything was done using human labor.


Parks Canada

My coworkers rescuing an injured climber

Times have changed. We rock it a little differently these days. Public safety is always evolving.