Nasa deep space light speed data transfer links musician to skier.

The snowcoach that we used to transport equipment to the icefields camp

So we hooked up a prodigy fiddle musician to a world class skier and this is what we got. All made possible by a new compression/decompression algorithm.

So this recent collaboration between several parties was a complete success. This was 12 years in the making. As most of you know, I am a pretty techy kind of guy. So 12 years ago, when I was scheduled to guide many researchers who were setting up camp on the accessible Athabasca Glacier.

The project was to do some coring using hot water for the Mars Lander to core ice. It gets down to -60C on Mars, so they had their work cut out for them. During the time that I spent with them, the discussion turned to data transmission. They were taking severe delays. They also had even more significant delays in video transmission.

Jeff, my boss at the time, was one of the heads of JPL. Which I would learn later was a

Our basecamp out on the glacier. Most or these rocket scientist had never spent a night out camping. They were a bit nervous but took one for the team.

big deal in the rocket world. Anyhow he came out on a trip with two musicians from Nova Scotia and the head or the prestigious Winnipeg Royal Ballet. This is where the project first got it's aha moment.

The test site where we created electricity out of I don't know what.

The difference between most Scotch induced grand ideas in a hut this one came to fruition. Jeff explained that they had developed some light beam that had high data transfer so that data was never converted to bits till it hit its source. I have no idea what or how it did it, but we did have to launch a drone, which was about 500 meters above us and followed us down the hill.

My transmission rig was surprisingly light. It was a simple black vest weighed around 4 pounds total and took a simple HDMI out on an iPhone 11 Pro Max in conjunction with a DJI Osmo 2 gimbal.

We chose that rig because whatever we were shooting with had to be light and flexible. Traveling at over 90 kilometers an hour, you have to pay attention to your skiing as well as filming.

I was surprised how easy it was to hook the whole thing up. The Novia Scotia link and simultaneous feed from skier to musician and visa versa was about as hard as hooking up a Skype meeting.

So the musician was watching the skier and creating music in real-time. A lot of this is original material never before heard. The skier was the first to listen to it beside a handful of technicians.

Guy in the blue jacket is the present head of nasa. The girl is Amanda and she is like rocket scientist smart.

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