Lake Louise Ski Club Avalanche Education & Backcountry Touring Pricing 2021-22

Youth Specific Training

Youth Avi Day - $100 (min 4 max 8 per field day)

BCA provides avalanche safety equipment

Avalanche Canada Certificate Courses

(max 8 participants per field day)

AST1 $220 (min 4/field day) - $220 (min 4 max 8 per field day) BCA provides

2372 5625 (iN 89max 6 participants)

Managing Avalanche Terrain (MAT) $170

(min 4 - max 6 participants)

Companion Rescue SKills (CRS) $170

(min 4 - max 6 participants)

Backcountry Touring Options

Introduction to Backcountry Ski Touring $130 (min 4 - max 8)

Lake Louise Ski Area Off-Piste Backcountry skiing $155*

(min 4 - max 8)

Guided/Coaching day (elsewhere) - $170/day per/person*

(min 4 - max 8)

You and your friends can put together a day designed to your specific needs. Be it terrain recognition, formal snowpit construction, travel options or a day out with a guide.

*I have usually offered a break in price for larger groups that come to me ($125/person

for a group of 8), but not sure how we could do that with this system and not sure we

would see that much interest.

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