2019 November; best skating Lake Louise ever produced.

This year was crazy at Lake Louise. The Lake flash froze and for three days the ice surface was zambomi style glass. I’m sure it was a once in a lifetime experience. There is a certain amount of risk that goes with this. There were three incidents of people busting through the ice. One was a parks employee. Locals carry tools of some sort should they need to extract themselves from the water. Screw drivers to use as ice picks. It’s impossible to extract yourself otherwise. I personally carry ten meters of rope, ice screw, and a light ice axe. This is in case somebody else goes through that isn’t with me and is unprepared.

Lake Louise is one of the most amazing places in the world at anytime but the glassy reflection doubled that already amazing experience. So the first day out ( we went for two days ins row) there was almost nobody there. The day before Tom Wolfe a local mountain guide checked out the lake. The ice was just thick enough. He was wearing a life jacket and a dry suit plus various tools. He is the ultimate explorer of ice. He and his family are always the locals who spread the word about what is good and the rest of us show up a few days later.

Check out this video I posted to youtube. 90% was shot on that first day. A actually wish I spent more time shooting then I did. Didn't realise how good the footage is till I got home and played it on the big screen. It truly was one of those great moments that perhaps will never get recreated.

This is me in the suit Tom Fayle built for me way back in 1987. It is pretty amazing that 30 years later this suit still fits.. Tom went on to become one of the most influential outdoor clothing designers in teh world. At present he is head of advanced R&D for Arcteryx Clothing

The Lake Louise Penitentiary as the locals call it. Doesn't take much imagination to see that. Add a little razor wire and some lights and we have a first class white collar prison. Maybe some of Trumps cohorts might be seen walking the yard.

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