I have climbed about as much ice as a man can climb for my age. Every winter I have hunted down exciting new adventures. This year I would like to explore some of my favorite areas with my guests. The Banff-Canmore region has some great places to learn ice climbing. However, further North is where you really experience ice climbing. In order to spend more time in the bigger arena, I will be booking trips to stay at Rampart Creek Hostel on the Icefields Parkway. This ultra-comfortable hostel has a rustic setting, comfortable rooms, amazing wood sauna. I will send you a menu from "hello fresh" which offers hundreds on out of this world meals.



5 days and 4 nights out. All food, gear, and equipment provided. 2 Max clients

No matter what your previous experience we will start out with a day in the Banff area. Refreshing technic or working out any bugs in the system. Once we are North of Lake Louise gear is harder to come by. I will send you a menu from "Hello Fresh" where you can choose from dozens of different meals. Pick what you like because I like them all.

Rampart has the closest access to the highest concentration of ice climbs anywhere in the world. Trust me (since your going to have to) this is the best ice climbing experience in the Rockies.

      Let me know if you are interested. This place books out quickly during the high ice climbing season. 

If you are just looking to get out for a day and experience Banff local ice scene give me a call. You don't need experience to try ice climbing, you just need the curiosity to try. All gear is provided. Max 6/1 guide ratio. 

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