Film " The New Breed" - Banff to Montreal Canoe Journey

I wold like to thank all those who have donated to the "New Breed" (NB) film project or the climbing tools series. All donations go towards increasing productions values. The film realistically will run a whopping $350,000.00 CND. Your involvement means more to me then words can say. I don't take your trust lightly and promise to produce something that you will be proud to have been a part of. A donation of $50 or more gets you a copy of the film. 



Entry one; I decided that I would keep you informed into how the whole trip thing is going. First off it is about all I think about. The type of boat that we need. How much rigging for sailing. Route that we will be taking. Found a great site on wikipedia on historical canoe routes of Canada. ( ) Here is a map of the basin we will be in for most of the trip. There is one 9 mile portage to get into the St Lawrence/Great Lakes basin.


Roughly we are going to need $5000 in new gear to outfit this rig. That will include a 20’ Tripper XL Canoe, Sail kit with outriggers, Spray skirt, kick ass cooler. We also discovered that we are a 4 person tent size family. So we will be taking a look at new tents in the near future. I think the main concern for both of us is size of the vestibule. Meaning we need a lot. When your hunkered down in a mud whole it’s great having all your kit put away and dry. Cooking at the edge of the vestibule should be easy also. 4 season and bombproof. You want a good shelter when waiting out a hurricane. So for now I am mostly looking at gear and what we are going to need. Remember I have two kids 7 and 9 with me. Thats Banff to Thunder Bay Ont.Not once in two weeks did they ask for their iPad. Thats what this is really about.


So a little about the film: It will be a collection of stories leading to the rediscovery of the Metis culture. When I think about it having your cultural identity denied you is about as bad as it gets. Especially when it was all you had at times and used it as crutch to get you through the bad times. 


Rough copy from a early treatment:

The busy industrial world we presently live in has a habit of running over those who can not keep up.  Every year more Metis are joining the ranks of the middle class urban dweller. Thanks to our parents and grandparents most of us are not so removed from our ancestral past that we have forgotten who we are. Despite the disconnect we can still remember who we are and take pride in our contribution as a nation to Canadian society.

While this is true for me and most of my generation I have a real fear that the pride I feel in being a part of these people is beginning to diminish and in a generation the word Metis will be meaningless to my children. As a parent, father and a Metis I can think of no greater act of failure then to allow this to happen.

The film “The Last Metis” attempts two distinct things. First is to define what is a Metis. The second is to create a road map so others of my children's generation can find their way back. The greatest loss of any race is to lose the children who are destined to be it’s future. 

The urban native doesn’t wear buckskins and visibly is virtually indistinguishable from the highly dominant european society. The yoke of stereotypical native is no longer an except able burden. The new reality is that we are professionals in every trade, artist, musicals, truck drivers, business owners. By being so we have not cashed in our rights to be part of the Metis nation. 

By interviewing the political leaders of todays nation a legal definition is the beginning of our journey. Interviews with elders who have made the journey from a distinctly stereotypical Metis up bringing to an urban professional will provide insight into one possible future. Exploring their views and what they consider their children's roles may be in our new reality. 


That’s todays blog post. Gear, gear, gear.

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